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Monday, December 7, 2009

Amaravathi 2009 Watch Online | Telugu Movie Amaravathi 2009 Watch Online

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Cast: Ravi Babu, Nandamuri Tarakaratna, Bhumika, Sneha, Sindoora, Subhashini, Kota, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Kasi Viswanath and others.

Movie Review:

A hypnotic tale, the story begins with a series of incidents wherein just to deliver pregnant women end up having their babies. However, the babies start disappearing and the mothers barely make it alive. The special task force calls for Venkat (Ravi Babu) to investigate the case and he along with Kiran (Sindoora) and others narrow down to one man (tarakaratna). He doesn't talk much but though he is inside the baby abductions continue. The story takes a turn when one of the victims is targeted to be Latha (Sneha), Venkat's wife. Who is doing all this? What is the link between them and the man inside the jail? Who is Amaravathi? All this forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a thought provoking tale but then he has not been able to give his best in the narrative and had few flaws in presentation as well. The dialogues were weak, the script was just okay, the screenplay was good in places. Background score was too loud and was unnecessarily distracting, it was good at some scenes but overall, it was more of a annoyance. No songs in this. Cinematography was above the average mark. Editing could have been better. Costumes were good, art department was over active. Ravi Babu did his bit with ease and he was there in literally all the frames, Bhumika was brief but cute, same goes for Sneha, Sindoora looked elegant, the real show stealer was Tarakaratna who looked handsome and created impact. Subhashini was standard, Kota came and left, Paruchuri was alright, the others did their bit to add value to the film.

The film goes a bit on the lines of 'Silence of the Lambs' and there is a mix of psycho element and scientific element. The first half doesn't have anything great as it is repetitive but the real story begins in the second half and that engages the audience. The makers should have avoided the flashy cop outfits and cut the background score to a large extent. The technical aspects are fine but content was not in rhythm. The film may not go well with all the genres of audience so it depends on the word of mouth to get to the success mark.


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